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August 31, 2015
1982 Porsche 911SC – Rear Deck
March 17, 2012
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2009 Toyota Camry – #ProjectCamry

At this point, Dave Schrom had already had all of his recent cars over to my shop to have new stereos put in them. His latest car, a Toyota Camry was no different! #projectCamry

My friend Dave has great taste in music, and to compliment that, he also has great taste in stereo systems. For his newest daily driver he wanted to do it right, from start to finish. We started out by getting a remote start system selected, so he could get his car warm quick in the morning and keep it cool through appointments in the heat of summer. After that we followed up with a powerful set of speakers for all corners of the vehicle. Since this model had 6'x9"'s all around the car, it set the stage for amazing interior sound quality, all we had to do it put a quality speaker in those holes. We went with the Sony GS series, powered by a 4 channel Rockford Punch micro amplifier. We paired another 2 channel version of that amp with a JL subwoofer to complete the system!

This system turned out to be just what he needed, and was installed with precision to last for the years ahead!